"I know that without Helen, I wouldn't  be in this position now;  everything changed after that first coaching session.... my sales results, my confidence and now this. Thank you, SO MUCH!"

Area Business Manager (newly appointed)

"The way you present makes everything so easy to understand ... a real talent"

Key Account Manager


People have partnered with us because we are learning providers who offer more than stand alone interventions; we build programmes which affect behavioural change adding value to daily interactions; we are trusted to support them achieve success for their people and their business; because we've done it before.

We design L&D interventions aligned to your company culture and strategy that give tangible results in capability and performance.

How do you know that your courses are making a difference?

Why not call Helen or fill in the contact form and have a chat?

"Helen has a talent for making complex issues simple and bringing people with her. She has led her team with clear direction and done a good job of motivating them through challenging times"

Country Manager

"Overall we could not have asked more of Helen and we now have an MSL team that understands and implements Key account excellence to the benefit of the company, the HCP and ultimately the patients."

MSL Lead

"Helen is great at holding people to account for their actions and ensuring that we're focussing on the end-goal - she always adds some healthy challenge to the discussion!"

Business Operations Manager

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